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Buy Plots in Neemrana for a Superior ROI

Neemrana is turning out to be one of the fastest developing towns located in Alwar district on NH-8. Over time it has developed tremendously in terms of Real Estate, Commercial and industrial front. The development is one of the reasons that people from not only Rajasthan but all over India are looking towards investments in Plots in Neemrana.

It is estimated that if the developments in Neemrana goes on with the same pace, the real estate investments will offer the profits thrice in the coming 5-6 years. The land in Neemrana is of utmost importance in these times as the prices will only appreciate later.

Construction of residential complexes, development of small scale industries to support big industrial units, setting up of educational institutions, and hotels will give the town of Neemrana the boost that it needs.

oakwood plot in neemrana

Why Invest in Luxury Residential Plots in Neemrana

The 16th-century town is taking a new face and is developing into an industrial powerhouse. Owing to the developments in the field of industry, Multinational companies, education institutes and commercial sector, Neemrana is witnessing a multifaceted change in its small-town identity. All these big developments are giving rise to the demand for Luxury residential plots in Neemrana.

Investing in the Real Estate of this historically rich town will offer to multiply the investments in the upcoming years, and here are the reasons why.

Developments and infrastructure

According to the statistics, there have been approximately 49% growth in the market in Neemrana since 2010. As India is turning into the next manufacturing destination, the towns of the Rajasthan which are in the DMIC (Delhi-Mumbai industrial corridor) also have exponential growth.

Neemrana harbours a 1200 acre land with major Japanese brands like Nissan, Nippon and Daikin which has given a major boost to the employment sector and in turn to the Neemrana real estate. Korean markets are also setting up their foot in the town with 1700 acre of land, which will further give rise to the influx of people for employment.

Trade and Connectivity

A hotspot for trade, Neemrana is blessed with amenities like Robust Power supply, cheap land and extensive workforce. These factors majorly contribute to the trade in this area and make the town fit for large scale and small scale businesses.

Improvement in connectivity to the neighbouring cities like Gurgaon, Delhi and Jaipur is also one of the major factors of development of the town. The NHA (National highway authority) of India is planning to build fourteen highways across this belt which will cut down the commute time and will also attract residential opportunities in these regions.

Educational Opportunities

While the state government is branding Neemrana as an educational hub, around 38 universities have already been sanctioned by the government. The town of Neemrana is gradually turning into an educational centre as well as a growing Real Estate market.

Neemrana is also turning into an ideal market for rental property returns as students will prefer choosing rental homes over owning a home.

Radhu Builders Offers the Best Land in Neemrana

Understanding the growing demand for better housing and the need of the employers and real estate investors alike, Radhu Builders have come up with the most profitable land in Neemrana, which is a gated township.

‘Oakwood’ by Radhu Builders has a complete array of amenities that is required for a fulfilling lifestyle and comfortable living. Along with a Gated township, Oakwood also has facilities like CCTV cameras, clubhouse, temple, well-lit roads, signage, and well-maintained communities.

To equalize the demand and supply of better housing facilities, there will be a significant boost in residential developments. Over the years, the real estate investment will increase multi-folds.